Super Puzzle

Super Puzzle 1.9

Super Puzzle is a pack of three puzzle games developed by Top-Products
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Super Puzzle is a pack of three puzzle games developed by Top-Products. It consists of three different puzzle games, some better than others. Among this puzzles you will find, 24 Puzzle, a game whose main objective is to align the numbers in order, that is from 1 to 24. Although it sounds quite simple, it may get really challenging as well as entertaining. In spite that the graphics are rather dull and do not help much, together with the total absence of sounds, Puzzle 24 is still fine to play.
The other featured puzzle, Mega Puzzle, is similar to the previous one, but with a higher number of tiles instead. You have a total of 107 tiles, which must be aligned until completing or organizing the picture. To move the pieces you only need one left-click in the selected tile. Although, as regards graphics it is a bit better than Puzzle 24, it still lacks appeal, and the music is terrible.
Finally, the last of the three available games is Sonic Heroes, a tetris-like game where you have to pile up matching blocks and clear them from the board. To do so, you move the pieces with the arrow keys from the keyboard.
In this game you have three game modes available, the first is Timed, and it gives only five minutes to complete the puzzle. The other is Freeplay and you can play relaxed taking care of not letting the pieces reach the top of the board. The third mode is Two Player mode, where both players use the same keyboard. Its graphics are colorful, and it also has some sound effects which make it more interesting than the previous ones. In conclusion, this puzzle collection is average, visually unisteresting, but still fun to play.

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  • Free
  • No installation needed
  • fun, if you do not mind poor graphics


  • Poor graphics and sounds
  • lacks appeal
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